New London has a thriving entertainment and dining scene, much of it found in our quaint downtown.  and  are great resources for learning everything there is to see and do. 

New London's Hygienic Art gallery at night

Area Galleries, Museums, Theater

日本一本道a不卡免费If you’re looking for art, , , Firehouse Square Gallery and Marquee Gallery are great destinations. Catch a performance by the , or at the or . Don’t overlook the ,  or downtown, and the and farther afield. Take in a movie: there are two movie theater complexes just 10 minutes from campus.

Concert Venues

The  offers concerts that are free and open to the public during the academic year. The , home to the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra, has a full range of concerts. The , known as "The Kate," in nearby Old Lyme, also offers eclectic musical programming. 


Great malls and freestanding retail stores abound in New London. The eclectic and specialty shops downtown include a fair trade store, . The New London Mall, Target, Crystal Mall and Waterford Commons are all about five minutes away.

Connecticut College students on Ocean Beach, with the ferry and lighthouse in the background.

Hangouts and Outdoor Recreation

Cool coffee shops like  and Muddy Waters are popular stops downtown. is a popular beach and boardwalk area. Other outdoor draws are , the Connecticut College Arboretum日本一本道a不卡免费, and nearby .

Worship Service

New London and the surrounding community offer many places of worship. The Connecticut College Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs is a great resource for discovering religious services and gatherings on and off campus.